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  STAR Events  

Students Taking Action with Recognition
(STAR) Events are Competitive Events in which members compete at the region/district, state, and national level and are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. STAR Events allow students to compete individually or as a team. There are more than 30 STAR Events students can choose to compete in, all which recognize participants who demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to actively identify an issue concerning families, careers, or communities, research the topic, and develop and implement a project to advocate for positive change.

STAR Events offer individual skill development and application of learning through the following activities:

  • Cooperative - teams work to accomplish specific goals
  • Individualized - an individual member works alone to accomplish specific goals
  • Competitive - individual or team performance is measured by an established set of criteria

STAR Event Categories:      
STAR Event Categories:
There is an event for everyone in STAR Events! From Culinary Events to Event Management, to Education, and Community Service you or your students will be able to find something that works for them! 

Click Here to view the full list of STAR Events and their Descriptions. 

Take care to note that some events will require students to be enrolled or taken a specific course or program of study to fully be equipped for that particular events criteria. If you have any questions about if your students fall into these categories, please reach out to us before registration. 

STAR Event Levels:      
Level 1: 7th & 8th Grade
Level 2: 
9th & 10th Grade 
Level 3: 
11th & 12th Grade 
Level 4: 

If a student is competing in an event with an older student, the level of the oldest student in the group should be the level in which they compete.

Student advancement is as follows: 

District: The top two competitors in each event scoring a 60 or above will advance to State Competition.

State: The top two competitors in each event scoring a 75 or above will advance to National Competition.

Nationals: The top three competitors in each event will be presented with a scholarship and certificate at the National Leadership Conference. 

2024-2025 Dates
April 9, 2025 - Arkansas State STAR Events at the Hot Springs Convention Center.

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STAR Events Results
Please visit the STAR Events Results section to view the most recent results! 

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