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  Capitol Leadership 2022  
Capitol Leadership 2022      

Day 1: 
The State Officers kicked off their conference with visiting the Washington Monument. This year they were able to ride all the way to the top and had a spectacular view of the National Mall below! You could see the White House, the US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and more from that high! 


After viewing the National Mall from one of the highest points of Washington D.C. the State Officer team headed over to the Holocaust Museum to learn about his tragic time in history, read the story of an individual that lived during the Holocaust, and sympathize with the men and women that both survived and perished during this time. 


Day 2: 
The second day of the conference included visiting several of the National Smithsonian Museums that are located around Washington D.C. Beginning at the National Archives Museum, the State Officers were able to look through several exhibits and participate in hands on activities, view important documents such as the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, as well as look through the archives at various articles and artifacts that were relevant to several modern day topics. 

After the National Archives and a quick pitstop in the Art Gallery Park across the street for lunch, the State Officers explored the Museum of Natural History and the American History Museums. The Natural History museums contains several exhibits on animals, fossils/dinosaurs/ water life, primitive history, and even the Hope Diamond is currently on display. Fun Fact: Night at the Museum was actually filmed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Manhattan, NY! This museum looked very similar to the one they filmed in. 

The American History Museum contained various exhibits on Former Presidents, money, tv shows, housed the original American Flag which the Star Spangled Banner was written for, and several music based exhibits.


Day 3: 
On this day, the State Officer team visited the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and visited the Arlington Cemetery.
While touring the White House was not an option this trip, they were able to get some amazing pictures in front of the White House and be able to view the surrounding area. 


After viewing the White House and stopping at the nearby gift shop, the State Officers continued on to visit the Lincoln Memorial. While they were visiting the Memorial, they discovered that Arkansas and her sister State, Michigan, are located on the top of the memorial with the date in which they joined the United States.


To finish up the day's activities the State Officer team headed to the Arlington Cemetery where they were able to tour the cemetery, see memorials like the JFK burial site and eternal flame, and Robert E. Lee, and the Tomb Unknown Soldier. The State Officers were able to pay tribute to the Unknow Soldiers of the World Wars 1 & 2, Vietnam War, and the Korean War. This ceremony was a very special tribute to these soldiers and their families, as well as the many men and women that have served or are serving in the Armed Forces. 


Day 4:
A day full of advocacy training, preparing for meeting with our Congressmen, and touring the US Capitol, with a break for dinner at the Iconic Ben's Chili Bowl! 


Day 5:
The fifth and final day of the Capitol Leadership experience included meeting with Dylan Frost, Congressmen French Hill's Staffer, and James Hodges, Congressmen Rick Crawford's Staffer to discuss Career and Technical Education and Family and Consumer Sciences Education.


As we wrapped up the last of the Capitol Leadership Conference we stopped by Georgetown Cupcakes to celebrate the growth and achievements this State Officer team!


To everyone that has supported this years' State Officer Team, we would like to thank you! These officers have learned so much about our Nation's History, how to advocate for themselves and others, and how to give back to their communities. We are looking forward to continuing to watch these young leaders grow and develop into young adults. 

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