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  Region STAR Events  

We want to congratulate all of our members that will be advancing to the State level of STAR Events competition!

We also would like to shout out all the members that participated in STAR Events this year! Over 750 students competed this year. All of these members have spent hours outside of school working on their projects and they all deserve to be recognized for their commitment, development, or contributions that were created, or developed during their projects!

If you have started a project and did not advance to State Competition, we challenge you to keep working on your project, keep growing, and we will see you again next year! 

Advancement Qualifications      

In order to advance to the next level of STAR Event competition (Region to State, State to Nationals), students need to place in either of the top two places of their event. 

If there was only two, or less, students in the event those students will continue to advance to state. 

Region Results
To view the students that will be advancing to State Competition, please click the links below:

Region 1 

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Region 5

Region 6


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